I help women reach wellness goals & live their best Quality of life, diet free!

Hey!I'm Lauren Caputo

As a registered dietitian, I love helping people learn to appreciate foods that truly nourish our bodies, while also enjoying foods that help us celebrate the many reasons to smile in life.

Your goals + healthy relationship with food matter to me! You deserve to eat foods you enjoy, surrounded by your family and the community you love. If you’re confused by fad diets, too many contradicting nutrition theories or just tired of always putting in the work, but not maintaining the results — you’re in the right place.

Take a deep breath, those days are behind you! Let’s get you feeling your best and reaching the goals you’re meant to accomplish!

You can enjoy your journey to success with confidence. It doesn’t have to be a guessing game.


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Improved Internal Health
Body Composition Changes
Maintained Weight Loss
Improved Mood and Self-Esteem
Improved Sleep, Energy & More!

The goals you want to reach are attainable, and The Dish will be the catalyst for the many reasons you’ll feel your best


Honest and valuable nutrition education and support.


We used it before the hipsters did.



Infinite battery life, no loading time, no data fees.



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There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to serving you. We’ll work together to find the approach that is considerate of the social, emotional and spiritual factors in your life, while challenging you to keep moving in the right direction.

Individual Consult

Meet face to face, either in-person or virtually, with Lauren to discuss your health goals, improve your nutrition knowledge and set a nutrition intervention to accommodate your specific needs. You’ll walk away with the knowledge to move (and keep moving!) in a positive direction on your wellness journey!

ready to change your lifestyle?

Custom Meal Plan

In this 12-week program, we’ll work together through various challenges in your weekly routines that ensure you improve your relationship with food, reach your goals AND maintain your progress. We’ll refine your lifestyle and our intervention with weekly reflections and feedback that will help you build on your nutrition knowledge and success.

A custom meal plan includes a lifestyle and preferences assessment, as well as the 7-day map of meals including the corresponding recipes and grocery list. You'll have an option to purchase an individual or family plan, which will be considerate of family dietary restrictions or allergies and portions for everyone in the household. 

There’s knowing what to do, and then there’s making it happen.

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The Refined Dish

Team Talks & Corporate Wellness

Do you coach, support or employ individuals who’s sport performance, or health and happiness in the workplace matters to you? I am located in Buffalo, New York, with potential to travel to surrounding areas for corporate wellness or athletic team talks. My goal is to help educate and contribute to the success of those on your team or in your community!

Downloadable Nutrition Resources

Here at The Dish you can purchase from a growing resource library of educational documents that are easy to understand, quick to reference, and useful for anyone wanting to improve the quality of their intake. These documents do not teach any rigid approaches to nutrition, but rather help you incorporate new concepts and habits into your lifestyle at a realistic pace.



IN NUTRITIONAL SCIENCE with a specialization in sports nuTRition from texas tech university


I am a registered dietitian (RD) and board certified as a specialist in sports dietetics (CSSD) with a passion for sports nutrition and community wellness. After receiving a degree from Texas A&M University in nutritional sciences, I moved to Texas Tech University where I continued my education and earned a master’s degree in nutritional sciences, with a specialization in sports nutrition. I became certified as a registered dietitian through the Texas Tech University Dietetic Internship Program and served as a sports nutrition graduate assistant for Texas Tech. I remained in that capacity until moving to The University of Notre Dame, as their football dietitian, in 2014.

After a season with the Fighting Irish, I became the Director of Performance Nutrition at Louisiana State University (LSU) and spent 4 years with the Tigers working collaboratively with coaches and support staff to meet team and individual athlete’s nutritional needs.

As a collegiate sports dietitian, I realized the nutrition education needed for individuals beyond their college years. I started The Dish LLC in 2019 to help all individuals reach their personal wellness or performance goals, through a season of life where their professional careers and/or family are a top priority. 

Graduate assistant dietitian at texas tech university, football dietitian at UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME and Director of performance nutrition at louisiana State university


TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY dietetic internship program

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registered dietitian based in BUFFALO, NEW YORK


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Lauren caputo is a REGISTERED dietitian based in BUFFALO, NEW YORK

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