That statement is directly from the FDA's website. Because there are little to no regulations on many supplements being sold, it is extremely important to purchase supplements from a trusted source, that are third party tested. 

Through Lauren's Fullscript account, you will have access to third party tested supplements you can trust...

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"There are no provisions in the law for FDA to approve dietary supplements for safety before they reach the consumer".

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For the competitive collegiate or professional athlete

Lauren recommends the following third party certifications for competitive athletes. There are many of these options within Fullscript.  

Please consult with your team dietitian, or contact Lauren directly before purchasing supplements. It is important to consider whether a supplement is safe, effective and legal within a sport or organization before taking.

Click each logo to search their certified brands and products.

Supplements should not be used as the primary source of your nutrient needs. You should be aiming to meet your needs through whole food sources. 

Please consult with a dietitian if you are interested in taking a supplement(s) to ensure it is necessary, beneficial and worth the investment.

Just because a supplement is third party tested, from a trusted source or used by a close friend or family member, does not mean it's necessary for you!


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